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Resource Planning

GLOBEby Gotli Labs AG

Gotli Labs provides with “Globe” an integrated solution for Staff Planning, Time Recording, Data Collection, Productivity Control and Batch Tracking.
The system provides real-time information to view and track-and-trace the entire laundry process together with a wide range of production statistics. The Globe system helps to increase the efficiency of available resources by planning and measuring staff and equipment. Data can be exported to a payroll system and seamlessly interfaced in to a Business Intelligence Dashboard.

The objective is to manage all resources in a laundry, like equipment, staff, utilities and energy. Globe can be installed as a stand alone solution without ABSSolute,  but when both solutions are installed data can be combined in to one Business Intelligence Dashboard to generate the ultimate Laundry Information Platform.

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Staff planning via our easy to use graphical user interface

Production per machine, on and off line recording

On-line production screens show employee productivity against targets

Clear presentation of over and under staffing of departments

Payroll Interface

Employee availability log

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