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Residential Work

Customer client laundry servicesOur comprehensive solution delivers effective results

Residential and Retirement homes, Elderly Care and Institutional Facilities find it very expensive to outsource the complete washing and sorting of a residents laundry. The dilemma for the customer creates the need for a laundry service supplier with creative solutions. ABS provides innovative solutions to help you easily manage these types of contracts.

The Residential Work module uses barcodes or tags, that are quickly assigned to new incoming soiled items. All new and known soiled items are scanned in and sorted in to wash type and batch. After processing clean articles are inspected, and could be rewashed or repaired before passing through to the sorting area. Sorting can take place in one of three ways: 1. Employees manually read each label. 2. Computer assisted, via our two stage shelf sorting system. 3. Interface with a automated garment sorting system. Whichever way you choose to sort a final completeness check is carried out to ensure all items received have been processed for return.

Not only does our solution streamline production, it also has many fantastic administration features and standard reports, for instance send your invoice to the customer with your contracted pricing and send each resident an invoice with your customers inflated prices. The resident pays your customer, your customer pays you and takes a margin for the service. We do all the hard work so you and your customers have less administration and work more efficiently.

Quick and accurate registration of incoming and delivered items.

Completeness check on incoming and delivered articles including registration of rewash and repair.

Fully managed invoicing for customers and clients, even direct a clients invoice to their next of kin.

Multiple sorting methods for residential garments per department, per room or per occupant.

Full suite of standard reports and exports to satisfy customer enquiries.

Intelligent logistics and coding to reduce manual administration.

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