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OR Services

OR Pack logisticsPlanning, Packaging, Sterilization and Accountability

OR pack services cannot be managed with general laundry software solutions. The logistic process required for the complete OR service requires meticulous attention at each stage. Our OR solution takes care of every process type and service. We control and track order registration, packing, sterilization, inspection, available stock and delivery. In the unlikely event of a recall, the system can provide all the required information, so corrective action can be swiftly implemented.

As standard our OR system offers you the option to include both disposable or reusable articles in each pack. Reusable articles can be handled as non unique or uniquely coded by means of a barcode or RFID tag. Standard reports for uniquely coded items include actual or average life span of each reusable product to ensure suppliers product promises are met.

Our OR solution can be completely integrated in the Laundry Information System. But it can also be used independently.

Ensure product quality with fully managed expiration dates and a comprehensive recall procedure.

Employee accountability. Linking employees to specific actions comes as standard with our OR solution.

RFID chip or barcode support for unique identification of items & packs.

Manage Non-Sterile and Sterile packs, record charge numbers per pack for a complete audit trail.

Construct the pack in the correct order, with verification of package composition during the assembling process.

Comprehensive standard reporting, to monitor delivery history per customer and pack type.

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