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Linen Supply

Linen Control & Managementpowerful software to organize production and demand

Many laundry organizations have challenges to control their merchandise. They need to ensure order demand is met, while monitoring product returns. Customers expect laundries keep track of stock counts, orders, delivery schedules, on site inventory and soil returns. ABS Laundry Business Solutions powerful linen management solution allows single and multi plant laundry organizations to elevate the processing and management of their linen investment and furthermore make customers accountable with increased levels of effectiveness.

Our merchandise control solution uses automated data gathering technology to support the important processes of stock counts, ordering and linen returns, identification and sorting.  The soiled data gathered provides the input to requirements planning for washing and finishing processes, and the basis for linen flow analysis and customer accountability. ABS provides the basis to effectively manage your counting and sorting processes.

Maintain key data centrally for all plants, using our powerful Oracle central database approach. Never duplicate a customer or product record again.

Invoicing that suits each contract requirement. Multiple billing methods, over 25 invoice line categories and 29 invoice frequencies.

Our intuitive web portal allows your customers to record stock counts, place orders, reprint delivery notes and invoices.

Android smartphone applications for Customers, Account Managers and Route drivers. Fully integrated and intuitive applications to use in the field.

Track and trace every item or just the expensive ones with UHF RFID. Our simple solution directly controls UHF readers, no third party required.

Total route control and management comes standard. Flexible route logistics to suit every customer/product delivery schedule.

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