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Sales Director for Gotli Labs

Our sister company Gotli Labs AG is looking for a commercial entrepreneur to develop and manage a large customer base for a new and growing company active in heavy-duty laundries. The right candidate is an experienced “new sales” manager, with a proven track record of extending business and achieving and maintaining high customer satisfaction. In addition, this person should be able to provide high quality, commercial presentations and product offerings, and work closely with project management for product roll-outs and tailored software development of implemented products.

This person should have sufficient management experience to recognize and manage all customer contingencies. The knowledge of automation and logistics is required. Current understanding of heavy-duty laundry market dynamics is desirable. This person will be responsible for building an internal sales team of 3 -5 FTE as the client base grows.

For business and company logistical reasons, it is preferable that this candidate resides in the EU. Frequent travel to customers in the EU is required, along with travel to frequent meetings in both Boxtel, the Netherlands, and Steinhausen, Switzerland. In addition, this position requires working closely with colleagues in the US. The right candidate will be proficient in written and spoken English. Additional proficiency in German, French, or Spanish, in that order of priority, is also a plus.

This position reports to the Managing Director of the company. The company uses the CRM sales management tool ZOHO. There is opportunity for the right candidate to grow to a commercial or general director of a company with growth potential of up to 15 professionals.

Please note: we are not looking for a strategic director, but a hands-on sales director with an entrepreneurial mind and a “get-things-done” attitude.

Gotli-Labs is pleased to offer GLOBE – Gotli Labs’ Operational Business Expert the laundry productivity management tool with real-time information to manage, monitor and measure the entire laundry plant process using real-time data and drill-down statistics. GLOBE helps to increase the efficiency of available resources by planning, measuring and monitoring staff and equipment. Additional functionality is built in to record time and attendance data for exporting to payroll system.

GLOBE connecting to equipment PLC’s and other information systems, as well as monitoring shop floor logistics, completes the set of professional services Gotli Labs is pleased to offer to the industry.
Smart solutions and the internet of things are opening up great new perspectives for heavy-duty laundries.

If you recognize yourself in some of the above requirements, and are convinced that you have the right motivation and potential to join our company, we are eager to discuss your skills and experience during an interview.

For more information, visit our website: Curious? Contact me directly via, Anne de Boer, Managing Director Gotli-Labs AG.

posted on April 19, 2017
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